Sourdough Breads

Red Bread offers a variety of different breads every week.  Bread can be found in our storefront Thursdays (8AM-2PM) and Saturday and Sundays (9AM-3PM).  Red Bread can also be found at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market, Downtown Santa Monica in the Southwest Corner on 2nd Street, from 8:30AM till Sold Out.  All our award winning breads are naturally leavened with Wild Yeast Sourdoughs, sourced from organic grains from the west coast and made by hand over 48 hours. This process renders loaves with complex flavor, increased nutrition and a longer life that are easily digestible by all.

Below is a non exhaustive list of our breads.  Red Bread bakes different breads each week. Breads are $10-$5 based on weight. Loaves range from 1/2 -2lbs.  Larger or smaller breads can be ordered.

Black Bread

(Voted Best Rye in Los Angeles, LA Times)

Rye, Whole Wheat, Molasses, Cider Vinegar, Chocolate, Sea Salt, Spices

Rye Sandwich

Rye, Sea Salt, Caraway


Semolina, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Poppy Seed


85% Whole Wheat, Sea Salt

Olive Rosemary

Kalamata Olives (Adams Ranch), Rosemary (Maggies Farm), Classic

Olive Oil & Sea Salt

Olive Oil (Adams Ranch), Sea Salt

Roasted Garlic

Garlic (Weiser Farms) Confit, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Classic

Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat, Raw Wild Buckwheat Honey, Sea Salt, Sesame Seed

Whole Wheat Oat Sandwich

Oats, Whole Wheat, Raw Wild Buckwheat Honey, Sea Salt, Sesame Seed


Selected Beer from CA Brewery, 85% Whole Wheat, Sea Salt


85% Whole Wheat, Sea Salt


85% Whole Wheat, Sea Salt


85% Whole Wheat, Sea Salt


85% Whole Wheat, Sea Salt

Sourdough Bagels

85% Whole Wheat, Sea Salt, Spices

Pull Apart Rolls

85% Whole Wheat, Sea Salt, Spices

To ensure you get the loaf you want, Red Bread recommends Pre-Ordering.  When you pre-order your bread it is reserved for you behind the counter the day you’ve chosen for Pick-Up.  There is no need to wait in line or rush.  If bread is not picked up by end of day it is donated to a local shelter.  Email to get the weeks bread menu and Pre-Order.

Cafe Menu

Red Bread offers fresh baked treats using organic ingredients from local California Farms.  Our menu is market driven and changes daily with the season.  We practice preservation, saving the seasons bounty in micro batches. All our Charcuterie, Jams, Pickles, Fermented Pickles, Sodas, Yogurt, Ice Cream are made in House.  We offer baked goods, soups, salads, open faced sandwiches (Tartines) and daily specials.  Below are many of the items we offer on our changing menu throughout the week. 5% of all sales help fight hunger in Los Angeles.

Breakfast & Lunch

(Served All Day)

Cracked Cookies $2

Jammy Newtons $2

“PopTart” Hand pies $4

Bialys $3

Sourdough Bagels $3

Pudding Muffins $2.50-5

Montreal Style Bagels $3

Sourdough Toast & Housemade Jam $4

Raw Cultured Buttermilk Biscuits $4

Seasonal Pies $7.50 slice/$35 full

Seasonal Cakes $8 slice/$40 full

Honey Marshmallows $1

Vegan and Dairy Popsicles $3-5

Seasonal Fruit Salad $4

Seeded Granola w/ House Yogurt & Fruit $4 bowl/$8lb

Baked Oatmeal w/ Raw Cream & Fruit $6.50

Tsampa – Tibetan Roasted Barley Porridge w/ House Yogurt & Roasted Apples $8

Sweet Buttermilk Soup w/Hot Buttermilk Biscuits & Fruit $8

Sourdough Pancakes or Sourdough Waffles

w/Whip & Daily Jam $9

Savory Sourdough Pancakes

w/Fried Eggs, Baby Chard, House Fermented Hot Sauce  $12

Sourdough Waffles, Fried Chicken w/Thyme Gravy & Raw Honey $15

Savory Pancakes (Naturally Gluten Free) $8

Seasonal Vegetable & Meat Quiche  $8

Llapingachos – Cheese Stuffed Potato Pancakes, Fried Egg, House Bacon w/Greens $15

Seasonal Vegetable Panzanella (Bread Salad) $7.50

Seasonal Salad $7.50-9

Wild Yeasted Vegetable and Meat Pizza $10-14

Raw Cultured Biscuit Head Vegetable or House Cured Bacon Sandwiches $7-12

Tartines & Sandwiches $6-9

Seasonal Soups $5-8

Daily Specials

UPGRADE: Fried Egg $2, House Cured Collar Bacon $3, Mangalista Ham $3,

House Sausage $3, Cheese $2, House Yogurt $2, House Cured Gravlax $3, Greens $4, Toast $2.


Seasonal House Soda $3.50

Seasonal Juice $4

Raw Milk $3

Raw Orange Juice $4

Raw Almond Milk – Chocolate, Honey $4.50

Cracked Cookies & Cream Milkshake $5

Kefir Milkshake $4.50

Pour Over Coffee $4

Farm Crafted Tea $3

Red Bread posts it’s weekly bread menu and daily photos of the cafe’s menu on facebook, instagram and twitter.  Red Bread also offers access to all the ingredient it sources.  Our market is always stocked with all organic pastured eggs, raw dairy, fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit, single origin coffee, beef, rabbit, goat, pork and chicken.  As well as all our house made preserves for you to take home.  Interested in having it delivered to your door Sunday Morning?  Email to learn more about our Magical Grocery Tour.

Red Bread offers Catering.  We require 48 hours for bread and 24 hour notice for full pie, cake, etc orders.  Orders are generally available for Pick Up next business day at 10:30AM.  For large orders/events please email to plan your next celebration.